Custom transform orientations

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 Custom Orientations

Mode: Object Mode, Edit Mode

Hotkey: Shift Ctrl C

Custom Transform Orientations can be defined by the user using Object or Mesh elements. Custom Transform Orientations defined from objects use the local orientation of the object whereas those defined from selected mesh elements (vertice, edges, faces) use the normal orientation of the selection.

A name also needs to be assigned to the new orientation.

Note: When adding new orientations, if the name correspond to an already existing custom orientation, the new orientation will replace the old one.

[Demo Video] (XviD)

[Bits of Blender]'s has a video tutorial on this topic: [Youtube link] Transform Orientations Panel

The Transform Orientations Panel, available from the *View* menu, can be used to manage Transform Orientations: Selecting the active orientation, Adding and Removing custom orientations and Clearing all custom orientations.

Transform Orientation Panel

Selecting a Custom Orientation

Transform Orientation Panel with Custom Orientation selected

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