NDOF devices support

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3D mouse and N-dof device support

NDof support:

Support for 3D mouses and other N-degrees of Freedom devices was added to Blender.

Each device must be enabled via a plug-in. So far, only 3D-connexion have a plug-in which you can download from their site : www.3dconnexion.com/solutions/blender.php

Plug-ins must be installed in the plugins folder of blender.3D mouses and devices alike can be used for :

   * navigating the view in turntable mode,
   * navigating the view in fly mode
   * transform the selected object.

When a device is found, 2 new icons appears in the 3D view header. The first let you choose the ndof mode, the second toggle the dominant axis sub-mode, where only one axis or rotation is done at a time.

The modes choices are also mapped on the device buttons.

Support is preliminary, and other modes are likely to be added.

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