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Custom Weight range

Weightpaint uses a hardcoded range for visualizing weights. To allow users have more accurate visualisation what color represents what value, you can now edit a custom range for weights.

This range is available as "ColorBand" buttons in the user setting menu, and only saved in the default .B.blend file (ctrl+u).

   Default range
   Custom range
   Custom range

Multi Modifier

Modifiers are a linear stack in Blender, allowing to sequentially add deformations or subdivisions to a Mesh model.

Problems arise if you want to combine multiple deformers on top of each other. For example: you have an Armature to control the Mesh Deformer, but for the details such as fingers you want the Armature only.

In a regular stack the deformations will get added on top of each other. (first image).What the "multi modifier" does is deforming the model with both modifiers seperately - with the same input - and then mix the result with a weight group.

Below you see an Armature deform a Mesh, which in turn deforms a tube. Using both modifiers on the tube will give the deformation twice. Instead you want to mix the individual result of both modifiers.

Vertex Group Editing

Vertex Groups can now be edited from two new helpful menus in Edit Mode. These are accessed using the Ctrl-G and Ctrl-Shift-G hotkeys, and should be faster to use than constantly referring to the buttons window.

The Ctrl-G hotkey presents options for managing which Vertex Group(s) vertices belong to. A notable feature that can be found in this menu, is the option to "Remove Selected from All Groups", which is often helpful for removing unwanted influences.

The Ctrl-Shift-G hotkey, presents options for managing the Vertex Groups available for the Mesh. Options include changing the active Vertex Group, and deleting Vertex Group(s).

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